He is giving an in depth look at the Double Lift. It is a commonly used utility that features in many card effects. It is often viewed as a very simple move, however there are plenty of magicians who perform it badly. This talk will aim to help you hone your double lift technique and to learn some basic effects that use a double lift. In addition to that, we welcome back David Weeks this month and he is doing some work on one of magic’s classic effects – the Egg Bag. So many magicians in the past have featured egg bag routines in stage shows, walkabout magic and children’s parties and David features his own routine which he has perfected over the years. He is the examinations officer for The Magic Circle so the older members can take advantage of him being there at lunchtime to talk to him about graduating from the Young Magicians Club to The Magic Circle. Our third workshop presenter is one of our very favourites. We are always happy to welcome back the one-and-only Wayne Fox. He has promised some great coin magic for you this month so be prepared to learn from one of the best!