There are currently two ways you can pay to join The Young Magicians Club, by cheque or by BACS (using online banking or at your local bank branch)


To The Secretary, The Young Magicians Club

I wish to make application for admission as a Member of THE YOUNG MAGICIANS CLUB.

I enclose the necessary remittance to cover the Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription.

Your details

First Name
Date Of Birth

Home Address
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Address 1
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Landline Phone
E-mail Address*
Payment TypeChequeBACS
Reference and date if BACS used
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*This is the email address that will be used for all member’s correspondence including Newsletters and member’s access to the YMC website.

Entrance Fees and Subscription

Membership Joining Fee: £10 plus 1st Year's membership of £30 = £40 Total or SPECIAL OFFER - SAVE £10.00! 2 Years' Membership - only £60.00 NO JOINING FEE REQUIRED!

ENTRANCE FEE (payable by all applicants) £10
One Year£30
Two Years£60

On submission, this form will be forwarded automatically to yourself and the Secretary of The Young Magicians club.

If paying by cheque
Print off a copy of the completed form and send it enclosing a cheque payable to “The Young Magicians Club” for £40 for one year or £60 for two (UK mail prices) to the secretary at:

The Young Magicians Club
New Membership Form
Centre for the Magic Arts
12 Stephenson Way

If paying by BACS
You can pay directly by BACS either by using your online banking or visiting a local branch of your bank:
transfer £40 for one year or £60 for two (UK mail prices) to:

account name: The Young Magician's Club
account number: 10014257
sort code: 16-00-19

As a reference please state child’s first name and surname and the words “new member”

Please note that your subscription runs for twelve months from the date that you join. Please allow 28 days for delivery of your membership pack.