April Workshops

Written by Chris Wood
Thursday, 03 April 2014 16:52
Date: Saturday 5th April 2014
Time: 11 am - 4 pm
Cost: £8.00 payable on the day


As always – (assuming there's time) two competitions, one for under-14s and one for over 14s.

We are very excited about this month's workshops with three top magicians to teach you!:

Star of the London Stage Steve Truglia is our card expert this month. He is the man behind "The Card Shark", now in its second year, in which he amazes London's West End Audiences with classic card tricks, cheats and scams in a unique and interactive multimedia show, with film, images music and live camera action, to bring close up magic to every audience member. Steve is going to teach three great card routines for all abilities. One for beginners, one for intermediate card performers and one for the advanced. We are assured of a superb session with Steve.

One of theatre's great ideas men, magical creators and advisors is the vice-President of The Magic Circle, Scott Penrose who has created stage effects and magic for, amongst many others, Cirque du Soleil, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom sequel "Love Never Dies" and, most recently, Harry Hill's "I Can't Sing". He is also a busy working magician and has a beautiful manipulation and dove act that regularly delights visitors to The Magic Circle. Scott is going to present for you a truly intriguing study of the oldest magician's prop – the magic wand. For Sony Playstation's promotion of the Sorcery game, the Move Controller or Wand was presented to The Magic Circle's Museum and part of the promotion involved Scott selecting the top five wands in magic history and writing about them for the press release. He will discuss the history of the top five that he chose for Sony....which might be a surprise and education to everyone and will also show some weird and whacky mechanical wands from his own collection that you only ever read about in the old books but never actually see working. With some surprises on the way, I am certain that you will be fascinated by this workshop.

Our very own workshop staff member Steve Dela is going to present you your third workshop this month. Steve is one of the most decorated magical performers in the world with 19 international awards to his name including 'UK Close Up Magic Champion' as awarded by the International Brotherhood of Magicians – a title Steve has now held on two occasions. He is going to teach you probably some of the most impromptu of magic, tricks with rubber bands. If you get into the habit of always having a few bands on your wrist, once you master some of these effects you will be able to entertain anywhere, anytime.