About Us

Who Are We?

The Young Magicians Club welcomes enthusiastic people who want to learn not just "how it's done" but how to do it properly! With exciting features in our bi- monthly magazine "Secrets" on performance tips, tricks and routines together with our regular "hands on workshops" (mostly held at the amazing The Magic Circle Headquarters, the Centre for the Magic Arts in London) hosted by some of the best professional magicians in the world, we can help turn your enthusiasm into a polished professional looking act, providing you are willing to put in the research and hours of practice necessary. Dominic Wood did, now he has his own TV show! Could you be next?

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The security of our members is paramount. Because of this, the following measures are in place for all YMC activities:

  • All Young Magicians Club organisers are police checked for the member's security
  • All workshops are covered by Public Indemnity insurance
  • A qualified First Aid practitioner is on hand throughout all workshops
  • The privacy and emotions of all members are respected at all times - no member is ever asked to do something they would rather not do (although we do encourage members to perform publicly)

When you are a Young Magicians Club member you get:

  • A membership pack including a membership card, badge, certificate and free magic trick
  • The magazine 'Secrets', which includes tricks, articles, news, reviews and advice - we believe it to be the best magazine for young magicians in the world
  • The newsletter 'Inner Secrets' which includes news and views to keep you up to date in this exciting field
  • Access to the YMC Advisory Panel - a team of the best magicians dedicated to helping you with your magic
  • Entrance to regular, practical workshops, allowing you to meet and chat with famous magicians, and learn new tricks and skills
  • Entrance to prestigious competitions, many of which have spring-boarded the winners to fame on stage and TV
  • Books, pamphlets, tricks and events throughout the year
  • Reduced entrance fee to The Magic Circle when you reach 18

You can Apply for Membership on our site.