The Young Magicians Club is a youth initiative of The Magic Circle, the world's premier magical society. Formed in 1996, the mission of the club is to promote the performance of magic by the young people of today (aged between 10 and 18) and encourage them in their chosen art form so that they can grow into the fine magicians of tomorrow.

To do this The Magic Circle uses its vast knowledge and experience to instruct, encourage and entertain the members of The Young Magicians Club.

Written by Chris Wood   
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 09:53

The elimination heats were held on 17th September for this year’s competitions at J-Day, our annual convention.  Over 30 acts performed and had to be whittled down to the best six for close-up and the best six for stage.  In the end, for close-up, the judges could not decide on six and have put through seven!

Here are the acts who will be competing for the trophies and vouchers from our favourite dealers:

The Close-Up Trophy (sponsored by Mark Leveridge Magic)

  • Charlie Hewish
  • Sam Hinch
  • Ryan Jackson
  • Oliver Jones
  • Dean Leavy
  • Luke Oseland
  • Fletcher Ransberry

The Stage Trophy (sponsored by Alakazam)

  • Joshua Hennes
  • Dean Leavy
  • Theo Mellor
  • Fletcher Ransberry
  • Sam Saffron
  • Matty Turner
We wish them all the best of luck in October and offer our commiserations to those who did not make it through, some of whom were really good and only just missed out.  Watch out for news about J-Day here very soon!
Written by Chris Wood   
Monday, 15 August 2016 06:16
Kevin Doig (our chairman) is now accepting applications for this year's J-Day competitions. Close-up act between 6 and 8 minutes in length, Stage Act between 8 and 10 minutes in length. We are hoping for some really good acts this year. Those putting together a stage act remember it is The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year next year! Full details in your current "Secrets" magazine.